The Kentucky Derby Edition

The month of May happens to be one of my favorite months/ times of the year.  Typically, the weather is on the warming trend, we celebrate Mother’s Day and Memorial Day, and of course one of my favorite traditions, The Kentucky Derby. 

The Kentucky Derby is one of few American sporting events with so much history and tradition.  Yes, we all know about the big hats and colorful attire, mint juleps, and “My Old Kentucky Home”, but did you know it was the grandson of famed explorer William Clark (of Lewis and Clark) who founded the race back in 1875?

Fast forward to today and like most events, the Derby has seen its fair share of changes over the past three centuries.  But through it all, the Kentucky Derby has embraced change, while striving to uphold its great traditions.

So if you too are a fan of the Derby, before you tune in on Saturday for the “most exciting two minutes in sports”, take a few minutes to read more on the history of this event.  You might just appreciate “The Run for the Roses®” that much more.

Kentucky Derby History

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