Market Timing: Does Missing a Few Days Matter?

Every investor probably knows the saying “buy low and sell high”.  But what if while waiting for this ideal scenario, the market rallies and your money was on the sideline? 

The above photo (and link here) identifies what an investor from 1990 to 2020 would have seen had he/she not been invested in the S&P 500 during some of its best performance days.

To miss THE BEST DAY, returns are down but not by much.  To have missed Five (5) of THE BEST DAYS/ GREATEST RETURNS, we are now looking at a loss in value greater than $7,000.

Moral of the story?  First and foremost, make sure your investments align with your goals but don’t try and wait for the grand slam.  Put yourself in the game because singles and doubles can create victories just the same.


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