Servant Leadership

Servant Leadership is the underlying and guiding philosophy of The Ferber Group.  A timeless concept, Servant Leadership is all about serving others and putting their needs ahead of your own. 

The desire to serve first, leads to one’s desire to lead.

As a fee-based, advisory firm, how does this philosophy apply to our clients?  The answer is simple – a fiduciary approach to asset management based solely on our client’s Needs, Wants, & Wishes.

When you work with The Ferber Group, you and your future become a part of our future as well. 

What It Means To Be A Fiduciary

As identified by the Department of Labor in the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974, a Fiduciary is someone who must act prudently and in the best interest of the plan and its participants. 

When it comes to managing our clients’ investable assets (whether that be a 401(k) retirement plan or an individual/ family) The Ferber Groups utilizes a fee-based, fiduciary approach to investing and money-management. 

This strategy includes the utilization of institutional organizations and mutual funds, versus retail options. 

How We View Wealth…

“My Desire is for You to live an Abundant Life, letting the following guide you:  Health, Humility, Honesty, Humor, and Happiness” – Elyse Ferber

How Can A Fiduciary Approach Benefit You?

Individual / Families

– By utilizing institutional providers, mutual funds, & SEC-regulated Registered Investment Advisors, we can provide fiduciary-guided, fee-based services.

  • Schwab Institutional (recordkeeper)
  • Dimensional Fund Advisors (mutual fund)
  • Strategic Investment Solutions (SEC-regulated RIA)

– Full Transparency with Advisory Agreement and Schedule A Fee Schedule

– Fee-based ONLY Advisory Services

The Ferber Group is a fee-based advisory firm, which applies to individuals/ families, and company retirement plans. What does that mean? We receive ZERO revenue from mutual fund companies. This allows us to maintain a Fiduciary approach, acting in our client’s best interests. By using portfolios consisting of institutional mutual funds, we suppress investment costs for our clients.

Less investment fees = more money working for the client.

Plan Sponsors

As a Plan Sponsor, you have enough to worry about on a daily basis – determining if you are working with a fiduciary should be the least of your concern.

Let us help you and take lead on finding the right recordkeeper that fits your needs and within the proper DOL and ERISA guidelines.

Having access to multiple recordkeepers, including MEP-plans, allows us to:

– Design and implement the correct Plan Document for your organization.

– Keep you and your company covered and compliant with current ERISA guidelines.

– Provide a simple, streamlined course-of-action (including EE educational meetings) to maintain the appropriate company retirement plan.

Put You & Your Family in Good Hands