Wealth, RedefinedTM

Wealth, a term that some shy away from, we here at The Ferber Group embrace

But what truly makes someone wealthy? Is it how much they have in their 401(k)? The type of car they drive or clothes they wear? 

We believe wealth applies to all facets of life, including but not limited to monetary needs. Taking this into consideration, when is the last time you  “reevaluated your Wealth”?  

Let our processes help you identify your version of success, and show you  the road map to achieving YOUR version of wealth.

How We View Wealth

“My Desire is for you all t live an Abundant Life, letting the following guide you: 
 Health, Humility, Honesty, Humor, and Happiness”. – Elyse Ferber



Health, in the broad sense, can be applied to many topics – fiscal, physical, mental, etc.  

At The Ferber Group, our focus is helping you identify your current financial health.  Once that baseline has been established, and keeping in mind your purpose(s) for saving, we can plan accordingly to maintain the course ahead. 


Life can find ways to keep us humble.  Financial markets can do the same.  

Through education, implementation, and, adhering to an Evidence-Based Investment Strategy, we can help prepare you for the times that potential market turns might humble us as investors. 


How honest are you with your current financial situation?  How honest are you with your financial goals?  How honest are you with your savings and current budget?

Let us help you answer and identify these areas, and where needed, improve accordingly.


“We are the last Dodos on the Earth, so I put all of our eggs safely into this basket…”  Hagen, 2003

Don’t be a Dodo.  Let us help you globally diversify your portfolio holdings and work towards diversifying your complete retirement plan. 



Happiness, like Wealth, can vary in meaning.  At The Ferber Group, happiness for us is helping you identify a purpose and reason for saving, working with you from start to finish, and seeing you accomplish your needs, while striving towards your wants and wishes. 

After all, aren’t we entitled to Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness?

Put You & Your Family In Good Hands